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Lee Seung Gi faces disapproval from fans as the couple prepare for married life, Lee Byung Hun and his founded agency BH Entertainment clarify tax evasion allegations, Lighter & Princess star Arthur Chen lands in hot water after a private affair expos, Cheng Yi: From Unknown Actor to Rising Star. October 2016 [2] After the collapse of the TV station in 1978, she moved to Television Broadcasts Limited and has been a superstar at the channel since. Bonny and Read are just two examples of the female pirates that have existed. Stay awake and stay away from tragedy! Did He Get Married? May 2016 They contact frequently. April 2012 A lock icon or https:// means youve safely connected to the official website. I was not keeping track of the drama ship community. The three main leads sang the ending song titled. Cheng Yi (Chinese: , born May 17, 1990), is a Chinese actor and singer. App: htt. September 2010 December 2014 Barbra Steisand Chen Yi's father was furious and ordered his daughter to break up, and Chen Yi's best friend couldn't stand it. EXO 's Chen has taken up online communities, news outlets, and SNS platforms by storm since back on January 13, when the star abruptly announced his marriage to his non-celebrity girlfriend, as. In the 1980s, she was commonly referred to by her nickname Do Do. Who is Seven Tan Songyuns boyfriend? Heian Period Cheng Yi was born on 17 May, 1990 in Huaihua, China, is a Chinese actor and singer. In October 2022, Cheng announced she would not be renewing her contract with TVB after 44 years with the company.[1]. A story that follows Zhu Yuan Zhang's fourth son, Zhu Di, who fought many battles from a young age that aided him in his journey to become a qualified military commander and a skilled politician. When asked about him and Yuan Bingyan, he looked a little lost on how to answer until the director leaned near him and whispered something in his ear, only did he reply. Six strong guys tells the story of Cheng and his other five friends who tell funny stories of the modern Hong Kong man. How could he possibly not think of the consequences of what he what he did? Rosemary Kennedy In 1807, Cheng I died unexpectedly, leaving Cheng I Sao widowed. Who is Xu Kais Girlfriend? Qi Yans role is based on Emperor Wuzong Li Yan while Prince Guangs role is based on Emperor Xuanzong Li Chen. "Pirate Nations: Maritime Pirates as Escape Societies in Late Imperial China." beside her, and Cheng Yi did his little shy smile again. Studio Defended. Comparing two historical, romantic C-Dramas that have a lot in common. After the livestream, the fans (we) went crazy. How Is Cheng Yi, Crystal Yuan Bingyuan's Relationship? Pink bubbles are flying all over the sky, with the dreamy taste of idol drama. Her College Boyfriend was Exposed. Mysterious Lotus Casebookis coming soon on iQiyi with multiple subtitles. The latest 8-minute video of the toilet is dumb Zhao Lusi yelled at Wu Lei on the set, the language she spoke was so vulgar Takuya Kimura was revealed to be divorced from Shizuka Kudo. Andy Chen is a Taiwanese singer/actor. Set before the Battle of Changsha, this is a story about unsung heroes during a time of warfare, and follows a man who learns to fight for a greater cause in his journey to find his father's killer. The plot An American mercenary soldier defected to Russia after serving a year in Ukr Zhang Jinyu video follow-up? Cheng Xiao and Xu Kai are just in a working relationship. Breaking news! Immediately after the livestream, people (mostly fans of YBY, fans of the real life ship, and fans of the drama ship) started criticizing him for disrespecting women. June 2015 Rosalind Franklin I got into the fandom (which is consisted of the (formerly) 80,000 real life ship (rps) fans' Weibo community, 220,000 (current) drama fans, and (my estimate) 50,000 drama ship fans, and 6,000-7,000 Douban real life ship fans. Blackfeet Nation April 2016 This series boast a number of popular actors and actresses; e won the award in the 'Newcomer' Award category at the 7th Donews Award ceremony held at the Beijing Performing Arts Center. He says that he is always learning to polish his skills and become a better actor in the future. His first wife was local actress Chen Bifeng. However, if he was a terrible person on stage, then she would gain the bulk of the original real life ship fans, drama ship fans, and the general public's pity. Historical Reflections/Rflexions Historiques8(3):147, 1981. He was also at the shooting of the "11th life" short released earlier that day. She is one of the richest TV actresses in Hong Kong who turned her career to films. July 2010 August 2016 After fighting the Chinese Navy and western traders, Cheng I Sao accepted a pardon for her and her pirates and retired in April of 1810. He made his television debut in Chinese television drama Beauty World (2011) and graduated from Central Academy of Drama in 2012. It hasn't been a smooth sailing experience for Cheng Yi to get where he is now. The trio have been on multiple entertainment media forms, such as interacting with local celebrities in variety shows and travel reality television shows have since surged in the last decade. How Is Yang Zi And Jing Borans Relationship? They also hugged each other, which make them like real CP. My interest in Cheng Yi began when I saw him in, Cheng Yi officially debuted in November 2011 with the historical drama, . Honestly, the biggest problem here, and the main reason why Cheng Yi lost 60,000-70,000 followers on Weibo overnight, is a 30 second scene. With the deepening of communication, Bu Li expressed his admiration for Chen Yi. The code was a brutal, but effective way of maintaining order and profits within the pirate fleet. Who is Shen Yues Boyfriend? He studied at the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing, and made his acting debut while still at college, appearing in the television series "Beauty World" (2011). Jane Eyre Helen Keller Because of these interactions, Cheng Yi and Meng Ziyi were considered to be in love with each other at the time. He is also well known for his role Yu Sifeng in Love and Redemption and Ying Yuan in Immortal Samsara.[3][4]. Secondly, it can increase the topic of the show, with the students scandalous romance. Amelia Earhart Shi Xianggu ), also known as Ching Shih, was a Chinese pirate leader who was active in the South China Sea from 1801 [1] to 1810. June 2012 If you just want to use marriage as a springboard, you are likely to enter a well-designed scam, which will inevitably end in tragedy. I woke up to the chaos (which is worse). The killer who killed his girlfriend is causing another stir. ). Dorothy Kamenshek Sources: This is a write-up on the controversy surrounding Chinese actor Cheng Yi, who lost 70,000+ weibo followers overnight from doing nothing. When he talks about the interpretation of a role, he's able to analyse and understand the character he plays. After this incident was exposed, many netizens sympathized with Chen Yi's tragic experience. ). Though he lost 70,000+ followers overnight on weibo, he regained it all back and a little more. Chen Yi's father finally knew where his daughter was. She was able to maintain the allegianceof fivesquadrons and personally led the sixth and most powerful squadron (the Red Flag) herself, with the aid of her late husbands protg. That same year, he won the award in the Newcomer Award category at the 7th Donews Award ceremony held at the Beijing Performing Arts Center.Cheng Yi went on to appear in both in film and drama like The Big Rescue (2018), The Lost Tomb 2: Explore with the Note (2019).Cheng Yi made his solo music debut in 2017 with the single Goodbye to the Past. Jamestown May 2012 Netflix Unveils First Teaser Poster of Kdrama "Black Knight" Starring Kim Woo Bin! August 28, 2007. the drama, while airing, went on Weibo trending basically everyday. He has since appeared in many popular dramas, including "Princess of Lanling King" and "Memory Love". , money, salary, income, and assets. Which is a terrible business decision on Huan Rui's part. Edit Biography. He sprained his back in, For nine years, he was without any endorsements, relying purely on his acting skills to win the audiences hearts. Name: / Cheng Yi Real name: / Fu Shi Qi Profession: Actor and singer Birthdate: 1990-May-17 (age 32) Birthplace: Huaihua, Hunan, China Height: 181cm Star sign: Taurus Chinese zodiac: Horse Talent agency: H&R Century Pictures TV Series. Both fell from the heavens and disappeared from the world. There were pictures released by backstage workers of them sitting very close to each other backstage, waiting for the thing to begin. The real life ship (rps) community lost around 20,000 fans overnight. They didn't have a lot of interaction with each other (I disagree, I think they were super cute) from many fans' view. Mary Poppins Hypatia Of Alexandria, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Chinese-language text, Articles with Chinese-language sources (zh), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 15 November 2022, at 07:26. The cookie is set by the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin and is used to store whether or not user has consented to the use of cookies. You see, Yuan Bingyan was being criticized before the livestream, while Cheng Yi was gaining a bunch of fans. following the livestream, he had 12,270,000 followers. It tells the fateful reunion of twin sisters Cheng Ruo Yu and Qiu Yan Zhi as they become involved in political affairs upon encountering the young Emperor Qi Yan. So, how much is Cheng Yi worth at the age of 32 years old? [1] [2] In 2016, he featured in the hit Chinese television drama, Noble Aspirations, which helped him garnered increased popularity in China. Intro Some people think that there is still a 14-year age gap in cross-border marriage, which makes it difficult to understand. Jane Goodall (to quote miss queen taylor swift: "do you know how many people have to be tweeting that they hate you for that to happen?" While the characters Ying Yuan and Tang Zhou are dubbed by a professional voice actor, Cheng Yi voices the character Xuan Ye. The significant age difference between the two is the source of the comedy. They contact frequently. "Model worker What happened to Zhou Jie? Cheng I Sao and Cheng Yi adopted a son named Chang Pao. They had CY & YBY re-enact some scenes from the drama, which they did (where she kissed him on the cheek, which went on weibo trending). November 2010 Name: Cheng Yi | Birth name: Fu Shi Qi | Nickname: Qiqi, Yi Ge Birth date: May 17, 1990 Birth place: Huaihua City, Hunan Province Height: 181 cm Agency: H&R Century Profession: Actor, Singer Weibo: Early Career Cheng Yi officially debuted in November 2011 with the historical drama Beauty World. (he couldn't keep his eyes off of her during the entire livestream, his leg went soft (is that the correct term haha) after she kissed him, his shy, tight lipped smile that he tried to hide when they talked about them as a couple, etc etc.) By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Its streaming numbers are comparable to The Untamed (Iheard that yall got had a super popular post on Xiao Zhan & AO3, the untamed is the drama that first brought forth the hugely popular (and toxic) bojunyixiao (BJYX) ship of idol/actors Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan.) Li Lian Hua and his nemesis Di Fei Sheng who no longer cared for worldly affairs, become inspired by the young and idealistic Fang Duo Bing as they join hands in solving mysterious cases to uphold justice. Even more, she boldly confessed her love to Cheng Yi in the show. Hi, hobbydrama! Buli told Chen Yi that he was an international student in the United States. Gone With The Wind Who Is Miles Wei Zhemings Wife? July 2017 Due to their humor presented on screen, Cheng and FAMA have resonated greatly with Hong Kong audiences alike. On the university campus, Chen Yi meets a black student named Bu Li, who pursues her fiercely. His. He graduated from the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, majoring in Chinese opera. Sophie Scholl Dido Belle They split the fleet up into six different squadrons sailing under different colored flags and commanded by generals loyal to the Chengs. May 2013 The drama which got me into knowing Cheng Yi is none other than, Hey there, I'm Mon. link to original post to cdrama <- if you want to read the discussion & og post on r/CDrama, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Ruth Harkness Shih Yang left her unsavory past to become the wife of a prominent local pirate . She is an actress and singer in Mainland China. So, Youku (the party that was distributing and given streaming rights) hosted a livestream on 08/16 for the main cast members. In short, their interaction in the show is carefully designed, just to match the effect of the show. The Hit drama "The Love Like The Galaxy" starring Wu Lei and Zhao Lusi is a family portrait drama in ancient costumes. It's a great pleasure to be working with Mon on this fan guide. ( the next day "Cheng Yiloses fans" was number 1 on trending on weibo. Cheng Yi- Drama List (2007-2022) - like hobby - YouTube 0:00 / 6:08 Cheng Yi- Drama List (2007-2022) - like hobby Like Hobby 26.9K subscribers Subscribe 722 45K views 5 months ago. He Has Married And Having A Child? is 5 11 . Cheng Yi doesn't want to inaccurately portray a judge's image in China, hence willing to appear in a drama without idol makeup/styling or blurring filters. The couple registered their marriage in 1987 before she filed for an annulment three years later. Women Journalists In Pakistan There was even a director who said directly to him, However, Cheng Yi knows that as long as he doesnt give up, hope will always be there. We ended up getting 2-3 more BTS scenes. WWII Cheng Yi was revealed to be in love with Meng Ziyi. Cheng Yi ( Chinese: , born May 17, 1990), is a Chinese actor and singer. At first Chen Yi refused, but under Bu Li's continuous offensive, Chen Yi began to slowly accept Bu Li. Discover today's celebrity birthdays and explore famous people who share your birthday. Only Song Seung Heon. April 2017 Although he admitted that he lied to his girlfriend at first, he also said that his father was a minister of the Angolan government. The code was very strict, and the enforcement was even described as incredibly swift and efficient. Huan Rui's big boss, Jiang Lei, was at the livestream, on the top floor, keeping a very close eye on Cheng Yi. I started watching love and redemption around a month ago. Welcome to Zhang Yuxi - Xixi's - Fan Guide! Instead, he was inexperienced and took away Chen Yi's documents, preventing her from going out. YBY was a little bit sick/unwell during the later filming, and her crying scenes weren't the best. Prepare lots of tissues, you've been warned. He made his acting debut in the 2006 television drama "My Son Is a Mob Boss.". We recommend you to check the complete list of Famous People born on 17 May. Charlotte Bronte Stand By Me - Cheng Yi, Zhang Yuxi, Xuan Lu, Han Dong, South Wind Knows My Mood - Cheng Yi, Zhang Yuxi. Part of the earnings remained with the pirates who captured the goods, while a significant portion was put into the community fund to maintain the fleet. In 1807, Cheng's I Sao's husband died and left a united pirate coalition numbering 400 ships and over 70,000 sailors. May 2015 She is frequently the host of TVB Awards Presentation. Privacy Policy. She has been doted on since she was a child, and went to university in Wuhan, but because of this, she is also pure and kind, and she has never seen the evil in the world. Whats Zhao Lusi, Leo Wu Leis Relationship? These women were made famous by the same 18th-century book, A General History of the Pyrates, that featured Blackbeard along with many other male pirates. ( I mean dude, there's a girl crying next to you, even if you guys were absolute strangers, even strangers would offer a tissue or pat your back or something) he also garnered a lot of hate for thanking his fans for liking sifeng when the question was clearly about him and Xuanji. The couple plans to wed in April, despite criticism from . There are few household names for female pirates: Anne Bonny and Mary Read. tells the story of Fang Yuan, Zhou Yi An, Ye Xin and three other court personnels, who have devoted themselves to the construction of the rule of law. Cheng Yi is a Chinese actor and singer who was born in Hunan Province, China, on May 17, 1990. Cheng Xiao is on a steady path from a singer to an actress. Pocahontas Cheng Yis income source is mostly from being a successful Actor. On 09.20, everything changed. Western captives reported to have seen pirates flogged, placed in irons, or quartered for breaking the code. Margaret Mitchell Wonder what's more important than the upcoming rehearsing, Cheng Yi? In conclusion, this was good for us rps shippers. December 2010 We have estimated He is currently single. A group of daring young explorers reunites to take their tomb raiding adventures underseas, after a mysterious wreck is discovered in the stormy waters near the North Reef, in the Paracel Islands of the South China Sea. July 2012 Yan Dan and Lord Ying Yuan struggle with the heavenly rule to stay abstinent from love, thus having to face the consequences of their feelings. "Youth With You 3" Off The Air, Tony Yu Jingtian Withdrew, Who Is Uvin Wang Yuwen's Boyfriend? They did not tell him to be a real life Dong Hua Dijun (for the ppl who haven't watched pb- a literal ice block (edit for r/hobbydrama: a cold, emotionless character)). Ying Xiong Zhi is a historical wuxia drama written by Sun Xiao, starring Cheng Yi, Li Yitong, Wang Qianyuan, Zheng Yecheng, and Xiao Shunyao. February 2017 He made his television debut in 2011 while still in college when he appeared in the Chinese television series \"Beauty World\". Cheng I Sao lived a long life, staying involved in politics and dying in 1844 at 69 years old. This marriage resulted in her name changing to Cheng I Sao, or Cheng Is Wife. For the single party fans, not so much. (other cute moments include Qixi (chinese valentine's day) where they both cued their character in the drama, wishing fans a happy Qixi (YBY with a rose, CY with a sunset (that we determined was from the set of L&R) and the other cast members going crazy when they kissed (think high school guys whistling at their fellow guy friend when their friend gets the girl haha) ). Tan Song Yun . From slowly analyzing minor facial expressions, to watching body language, we had determined that Cheng Yi has a total crush on Yuan Bingyan. The two are each married and in union with another. -Murray, Dian. On the contrary, he is just an ordinary villager in the local village, and his family is very poor. Advertisement cookies are used to provide visitors with relevant ads and marketing campaigns. Yang Yangs 5 rumored Girlfriend, Vicotria Song Was His Girlfriend? Analytical cookies are used to understand how visitors interact with the website. October 2010 Is Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibos Relationship Getting Worse? Images: Sheila Johnson On top of that, fans also found the contrast . Education: He graduated from the Central Academy of Drama. In fact, everyone has misunderstood that Meng Ziyi is Cheng Yis girlfriend. Song Qingling Ling Buyi and Cheng Shaoshang are slow. January 2016 The experience of Cheng Yi before he became popular has been searched by many people. July 2013 At that time, the Red Flag Squadron alone had 300 junks and between 20,000-40,000 men. April 2015 He earned his Ph.D degree in Computer Science at University of Massachusetts Boston in 2017. . [4], Cheng is also a radio host who has interviewed celebrities and music bands such as Jackson Wang, Mirror and much more. (when referring to kanye west drama) ). It was a good thing to get married, but in the girl's comment area, netizens also raised some doubts. This incident helped get rid of the naive, glass hearted, too loud fans. Did X NINE Disband? June 2010, All in music composition from the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing. There are many flaws in his acted "coldness" towards YBY that we found. Buli did not pursue the same gentleness and kindness as Chen Yi at the beginning. Cookie Notice Huan Rui got some hate for that. A story that follows a young woman who once naive and carefree who matures into a wise ruler. It was generally peaceful before 09.20. Rather than surrendering her authority and leaving piracy, Cheng I Sao strived to maintain the power over the pirate confederacy that she and her husband had cultivated over the years. Hey there, I'm Mon. February 2016 Yuqing then married another actress, Tracer Wong, in . This is a beginner's guide to the world of The Lost Tomb and The Mystic Nine. She is of Sichuanese heritage and her native language is Northern Mandarin. Before 09/20, everything was all (mostly) good, there were a bunch of different groups of real ship fans too, like those who thought they dated while filming then broke up, those who thought they dated and kept on dating, those who think they had feelings during filming and acted on them when they met up again on 08/16, etc, etc. He would send text messages to Chen Yi almost every day to greet him, and often used the excuse of learning English to get along with Chen Yi. Profile. I hope that you enjoy reading this article and that you will (hopefully) learn a thing or two about Cheng Yi. Vera Wang He is not dating anyone. He knew that he did what he was asked perfectly on stage, then the criticism for YBY would only be worse (she would then be criticized for kissing up to him for more exposure and other random stuff like that). He is looking at her. This time, Chen Yi didn't tell her parents, and after another six months, Chen Yi found out that she was pregnant. In the BTS, they were constantly holding hands, even when unnecessary (when they were joking around YBY let go of Cheng Yi's hand and he grabbed it back), teasing her ("when we're done filming, I'm going to go catch a fish for you to eat"), suddenly kissing her cheek when they were walking a scene (seriously search the BTS of love and redemption it's the cutest thing), her wiping his nose when his hands were occupied, her playing with his hands when he was memorising lines from his script, etc.).